Blockchain Solutions. Technology Services and Consulting from IMSS.

Catch the next wave with Blockchain

Establish trust by integrating blockchain technology into your products. Develop, test and deploy Blockchain applications.

IMSS Blockchain Expertise

  • Flexible Business Models

    IMSS offers much more flexibility for companies who want to explore this radically new and transformative technology including, consulting, outsourcing and ownership.

  • Platforms & Languages

    IMSS developed deep domain and technological focus with expertise in platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and languages like Solidity and Go.

  • Usecases

    IMSS has developed multiple usecases, PoCs and Prototypes with focus in specific industries of Healthcare, Finance and Record Maintenance.

  • Experience

    Writing Smart Contracts, manage & Monitor Blockchain, integrate Application to Blockchain, map business case onto Blockchain.